AQF – massive changes ahead

A re-structuring of the national qualifications framework is no small undertaking. However, that is the key recommendation of the Report that reviewed the current AQF. Peter Noonan’s panel concluded that a complete overhaul was necessary, because its ‘ten-level structure is not consistently expressed, too rigid and overly hierarchical, with artificial and arbitrary distinctions between levels.’ In simple language, it is old fashioned and no longer fit-for-purpose.

The twenty-one findings and recommendations are in this four-page extract from the Report. Click here.

These are some specific points of interest to registered training organisations.

Less bands
Reduce the number of levels in the AQF from ten to eight for knowledge and to six for skills and rename levels as ‘bands.’ 

New qualification types
Create new qualification types, such as a Higher Diploma that might be equivalent to a degree. Also, rename existing Certificates as per this table.

New short form credentials
Create shorter form credentials, particularly micro credentials, that are portable and acceptable for credit transfer.

Volume of learning
Retain volume of learning as a benchmark expressing the notional duration, for a new learner, of all teaching and learning activities required to achieve an AQF qualification type. Specify volume of learning in hours only.

The report recommends a two year+ timeframe for implementation and there is a roadmap for implementation in the report.

Full report here